What is the Storycity project about?
As a team of designers and makers at Kahani Designworks, we realised that many of us were scarcely aware of the history of creative and artistic practice in India. We found that the surest places to learn about our heritage are in the museums in our cities, through the architecture of our neighbourhoods and in our encounters with inspiring people in the cultural spaces that dot our landscape. The Storycity project is our attempt to map what we learn, combine it with thoughtful research and share it with people through inspiring books and guides.

What is the aim of the Storycity project?
We’d like to see the outcomes of our collaborations and assignments inspire people to become more involved in the cultural ecology of our cities. Our dream is to foster a creative culture through our work.

What is “creative culture”?
We think that if we’re all encouraged to think about our cities as creative spaces, more people will become engaged citizens, working towards innovative strategies for a sustainable, equitable future. That begins with understanding our legacy of art, design and craft and valuing the role that the creative industries and the cultural economy have to play in a globalised society.

Who are we?
Kahani Designworks is a communication design practice based in Mumbai, India. We work with industry and the arts to evolve design solutions that share ideas and communicate values. To know more about our work, visit our website.

Curious, compelled or got an idea?
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